Holidays with your dog – Dog on the water – dog breeds that like and can swim

The holidays are a time we all look forward to with longing. After months of intense work, we dream of a well-deserved holiday. Preferably in a beautiful place in the company of loved ones, including your pet. A holiday without a beloved pet is definitely incomplete. Holidays with a dog are becoming increasingly popular. Hotels and guesthouses offer a range of facilities for guests wishing to spend time in the company of their pets. So what should you pay attention to when choosing accommodation?

Until recently, holidays with a dog required real creativity. Owners of holiday cottages, guest houses or hotels were reluctant to agree to accept a dog.

Especially by the water, it was feared that a wet animal would soil or damage the interior of a leisure facility, thus scaring off other tourists.
Today, things are different. Increasingly, your pet is a welcome guest. Advertising slogans such as “All dogs welcome! You can bring your human with you” invariably make us happy.
However, this open attitude is not the rule. There is no regulation forcing businesses to host animals in their hotels. Treat every positive response with gratitude and refusal with understanding.
The mere fact that a tourist resort will accept a pet under its roof is not the only guideline you need to take into account when planning your holiday.
The facilities of the hotel room or holiday home, their surroundings and the individual preferences of your pet are also important.

Dogs that swim well

Contrary to popular belief, not every dog is an excellent swimmer. Some dog breeds avoid contact with water, and a standard bath is a nightmare for them. They will stay afloat in an emergency situation, but are unlikely to jump into a lake on their own.

Holidays with a dog by the water are therefore mainly suitable for breeds of so-called water dogs, which are excellent swimmers. Their skills are used in hunting and rescue services. These include the Newfoundland, The Irish Setter, the Labrador Retriever, The Cocker Spaniel and The Landseer.

Safety first

Every dog has a different character. Within the same times, you may meet a courageous individual, but also a cautious and distrustful one. Even if you own a dog of one of the listed aquatic breeds, this does not mean that your pooch will happily jump into the lake.

Allow your pet to become accustomed to the circumstances, show calmness and composure. A dog, seeing that its human is behaving normally, will come to the conclusion that it too does not need to worry about anything. Dogs that swim well adapt to the situation quite quickly and instinctively.

Dog behaviorists advise that your Puppy’s first entry into the water, should be in your company. Your dog will then feel safe and at ease.

Take your time. Let him dip his paws first, then his belly. He needs to get used to the sudden change in temperature.

Many owners equip swimming dogs with special waistcoats. These make learning easier.

Seeing that your dog feels confident, play with him. Fetching in the water will become your favorite pastime.

Over time, add more tricks and games, appropriate to your dog’s sophistication and training. Jumping into the water from a platform or swimming between and under obstacles is rewarding for both Puppy and the owner teaching him.

Proceed with prudence and keep your pet healthy. If he gets tired, let him rest with food and clean water to drink.

Avoid unsafe bathing areas.

Holidays with your dog by the water

Accepting dogs in a guesthouse is only the first guideline you need to follow when choosing a place to stay. It is equally important to try to enter the hotel restaurant and other establishments in the area with your pooch.

Dogs are by nature active animals, not least in the case of swimming breeds. The tourist resort should therefore be in a walking-friendly environment. One such resort in Poland where dogs are welcome is the Stacja Kolczela. There are plenty of forests and areas around where the dog can run around, as well as a beautiful lake where the dog can enjoy a swim.

Your four-legged dog will be very keen to get to know the meadows, the forest or the beach. However, we all want to enjoy these beautiful places, so don’t forget to clean up after your dog.

Keep your dog on a leash in public places. Even the most well-mannered and polite animal cannot run loose in a resort or hotel, and the staff will be sure to let you know. Be considerate of the comfort of other guests.

Comfortable travel with your pet

Holidays with your dog usually also involve traveling to the holiday destination. So when planning your holiday, bear in mind the distance you have to travel together. The most common and also the most convenient means of transport is the car.

Provide your Puppy with a safe place, suitable for its breed and size. For smaller dogs, there are carriers attached to the seats with seat belts. Larger breeds of dogs, on the other hand, can spend the journey in comfortable cages. Unfortunately, these are quite large, which shrinks the space available for luggage.

Owners of these pets, therefore, opt more often for harnesses or car mats. Harnesses work almost identically to belts, securing the Puppy against uncontrolled movement, e.g. during braking. The mats are comfortable, allow an unobstructed view of the surroundings, and protect the car interior from dirt. The most important thing is that your dog feels no fear during the journey. Test several solutions and choose the best one. Make regular stops on long journeys. Let your dog stretch its legs and take care of its needs. Pour cold water into handy bowls and pour food into them.


Holidays with your dog are unforgettable moments. If you are going to the lake or the seaside with your swimming dog, together you will benefit from the relaxation and coolness that contact with water provides. All you need to do is plan your trip well, find a tourist resort where dogs are welcome, keep your pooch and yourself entertained together, and your holiday will become a beautiful time of relaxation and a generator of wonderful memories when you return to everyday life.